Multifamily Investment Summit

July 14-15 2021
Live Broadcast


Join us for the Multifamily Industry's Highest Level Investment Summit. This event is designed for Investors with significant assets.


The Apartment Industry is facing disruption. There is a shift taking place right now and this event is where Multifamily Investments, Technology, and Innovation converge to position you for successful Multifamily Investing.


The average attendee of our past events has 5 million+ in net-worth/money-in-motion. With that being said, the principals of this event are applicable to any level of wealth. 


If you have more questions about Multifamily Investments than you do answers, this event is for you. You will better understand the process and the fees associated with Multifamily Investments.


Exclusive Multifamily Investment Summit

Multifamily Investment Summit is created by Multifamily Leadership and focused on Multifamily Investments, Financing, Due Diligence, and innovation in Multifamily acquisitions. It is meant to bring together deal makers, capital partners, innovators, and inspired entrepreneurs from all over the world. 


This summit is for:

  • Those who are winning in Multifamily and want to win even more.
  • Multifamily Operators who want to understand the needs of their investors.
  • Multifamily Passive Investors and you are partnering with Multifamily sponsors and operators.
  • Multifamily Syndicators and Sponsors and you want to make sure you are underwriting deals by understanding the not so obvious that will give you the competitive advantage to attract and retain premier investor capital.
  • Family office and Wealth Managers that want direct access to the right multifamily strategies. 


It's also for Investors with 1031 exchange north of 1 Million, Ultra and high net worth individuals, Doctors, Dentists, long term company executives for high impact corporations, individuals who recently exited a company, individuals with wealth in transition from one generation to the next,  people who have experienced a liquidity event such as inheritance, divorce, stock options, lottery winner, or a business sale. 


During the Summit, you'll be able to learn from those thriving in the industry and will be empowered by resources and knowledge to become better Multifamily Investor.




Special Appearance

John Soforic

Author | The Wealthy Gardener

Rated in the top 10 personal finance books of all time. 


“It’s better than Think and Grow Rich.” –Ennis Seamus


“Best book since Rich Dad, Poor Dad!! I’m thinking it’s even better.” –Ben Tallberg

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Live Expert Talks & Presentations

This is a LIVE in person and broadcast event by Multifamily Studios®. Times are subject to change and will fluctuate like any live performance. 

DAY 1 - 

  • Multifamily Investment Outlook

    This session will focus on where deals are happening in today’s market. What moves are investors making and how you can position your portfolio. No speculative predictions about what might happen in the border economy or any other speculative assumptions that tend to leave you with chance

  • Protecting Investor Wealth During Market Downturns

    We explore investor leverage levels in securing financing for Multifamily transactions including reserves, fixed debt, and the capital stack structure

  • Financial Engineering Traps Investors Should Watch Out For​

    Wealthy and smart Multifamily investors know that IRR can be manipulated. We take a look at IRR in actual deals as we take a deeper dive on IRR calculations and cash on cash paydowns

  • How to Value Real Estate, Cap Rate vs. Return on Cost

    What metrics do you use when factoring the value of a Multifamily transaction? Are you watching the per unit price climb as strong buyers chase yield? What about replacement cost? We will review different outcomes both favorable and unfavorable for Multifamily Investors

  • Tax Benefits of Investing in Private Real Estate

    We will interview expert tax professionals to get their knowledge of tax benefits, depreciation, and other strategies Multifamily Investors need to know in 2021

  • How the Capital Stack Works in Private Real Estate

    This session will explore how to organize and structure the capital for Multifamily wealth building strategies. You will leave with a greater understanding and control of debt, equity, mezzanine, preferred returns, and bridge opportunities

  • Using Data to Reduce Bias in Real Estate

    Smart Multifamily investors leverage data to support objective claims about the real estate they purchase. The convergence of technology, data and real estate open opportunities for the smart data driven Multifamily Investor

  • Why Averages Lie

    Do you want to be average? Do you want average returns? Then why do so many Multifamily Investors accept average calculations in their business plans and projections. With averages, there are outliers in every calculation a Multifamily investor reviews. Learn how to avoid the mistakes of average assumptions in Multifamily Investments

  • Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Secondary Markets

    Multifamily developers share exactly what they are doing right now in the migration to secondary markets

  • The Danger of IRR Investing

    Smart Multifamily Investors understand their discount rates and investment objectives. We will provide a transparent review of the IRR focused investor. With a focus only on IRR, time value of money is factored but omits the risk of the time

DAY 2 - 

  • Special Appearance - John Soforic, The Wealthy Gardner Lessons on Prosperity 

    It’s the one who shapes life with hours, who is master of attitude regardless of conditions, who feels entitled to nothing except that which is earned, who knows the pride of effort regardless of outcome, and who, instead of settling for less, asks quietly, “Why not me?”

    It is the visionary who is impractical, who is even at times ridiculed, but who thinks independently and listens to the still Inner Voice to avoid the regrets of those who wonder what might have been if only they’d followed the pull of their soul.

    It’s the one who lives with purpose and intention; who shows up each day and does the hard task; who seeks satisfaction over pleasure; who strives to make a difference, to make the world a better place, but who, when actions fail to produce impact, will know that failure was never due to partial efforts.

    It is finally the one who lies spent, exhausted, certain that there’s nothing more that could have been offered on the altar of life, who meets the end with a clear conscience of having passed the ultimate test of giving one’s best.

  • Leveraging Strategic Relationships

    How Multifamily Investors can leverage relationships with Brokers, CPA’s, Attorneys

  • How to be an Apartment Syndicator

    The apartment syndication model can be a complex business to operate. In this session, we will show you the things to know before raising money

  • Cap Rates Trends as Investors Upgrade their Portfolio to Luxury Rentals

    This session will focus on the impact of the Multifamily market as cap rates compress and specifically why this is occurring

  • Future of Class B Property

    Prior to COVID-19 opportunities were plentiful in Class B properties. We will explore value vs replacement cost and the change of amenities that the market is seeking

  • Apartment Innovation Strategies

    Smart Multifamily Investors understand the customer. Investors need to understand not only the market, but the residents that are paying those rents. We will look at some innovations taking place in designing the apartment of the future

  • Proforma Logic for the Wealthy Multifamily Investor

    Understanding the Multifamily Investment proforma and avoiding pitfalls of assumptions

  • Fee Transparency in Multifamily Deals

    What should Multifamily investors be paying in fees? We will explore the current state of fees that are happening in deals today. From management fees, loan fees, acquisition and deal fees


Creating a Bigger and Better Future in Multifamily

This summit is a premier industry event with notable thought-provoking speakers, informal peer-to-peer discussions, and unparalleled educational content all accessed from the comfort of your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most popular questions we get asked about the event

  • How many days is the event on for?

    This is a 2 day live in person summit. The speakers deliver a high impact talk for the audience. We live broadcast the talks right to you from anywhere in the world - home, office, vacation, mobile phone, really...anywhere you have a screen. Plus you get to participate and engage in the event. Ask questions, participate in polls, trending data, it's all gameified for your enjoyment. 

  • How many speakers are attending?

    Our speakers are hand selected for the highest learning outcomes. Each summit will have a variety of talks. We will bring you Interviews, keynotes, fireside chats, presentations, panels, and trainings. 

  • Are there places to get food and drink?

    In person attendees receive lunch and dinner. If you are watching from your home- well, just walk to the fridge and grab a drink. 

  • Can I buy more than one ticket?

    Yes. We can have unlimited Live Broadcast attendees. We only allow a limited VIP in person attendees for Multifamily Investors. Industry Partners/Vendors must be a strategic sponsor to attend the VIP in person summit. Space is limited so get your ticket before it sells out.  

  • Do I have to pay to bring a partner?

    For in person tickets, yes. Ticket prices are for individual seats. For live broadcast, you will get access with the email address and IP with your order. You will not be allowed to share the access with anyone else. Our tech is pretty cool- we'd know who you are. You can however, host a group watch party where everyone in the room can watch. 

  • Do you offer special early bird pricing?

    The pricing is set for the in person attendees. These sell out so the first movers get a ticket. Then it's sold out. For live broadcast, we do have early bird pricing, advanced rate, and regular rate pricing. So the sooner you secure a seat, the more you save. 

  • Can I watch recordings?

    If you are a Live Broadcast Premium ticket or in person VIP ticket holder - you will have access to the session recordings. 

  • Will there be networking?

    In person VIP tickets are invited to a private networking event. 

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  • Scottsdale, Arizona & Livestream


  • 480-719-4409


Multifamily Investment Summit is created by Multifamily Leadership and focused on Multifamily Investments, Financing, Due Diligence, and innovation in Multifamily acquisitions. It is meant to bring together deal makers, capital partners, innovators, and inspired entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

This summit will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona. Registered attendees will need to secure their own travel and hotel. Ticket prices are for event only. 

This is not a solicitation. "Multifamily Leadership, LLC" is not a brokerage firm, and we do not sell any investment products. The "Multifamily Investment Summit" events are solely intended to be an educational resource. | © Copyright 2020 Multifamily Leadership, LLC